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"Bahrain vows airport safety"

Monday, March 19, 2007

Bahrain vows airport safety  
Bahrain - The Gulf Daily News

BAHRAIN plans to further invest in airport operations safety to keep pace
with increasing risks, it was announced yesterday.

"We are investing heavily to ensure that we become one of the safest
airports in the world by further improving our exceptional safety record,"
said Bahrain International Airport director Mohamed Thamir Al Kaabi.

Mr Al Kaabi was speaking at the opening of the airport's first interactive
safety campaign for its staff, at the VIP tent near the airport tarmac.

The five-day campaign, held under the patronage of Deputy Prime Minister
Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, was attended by Civil Aviation Affairs
Under-Secretary Captain Abdul Rahman Al Gaoud, other officials and VIPs.

"The aviation industry is facing an annual bill of nearly $2 billion (BD750
million) in ensuring safety of operations," he said. 

"This is because the risks are increasing and we have to keep up with the

"We have implemented an overall airport safety management system that
involves risk analysis and risk management.

"This was introduced in response to international requirements for a
proactive and systematic approach to safety risks at airports."

Capt Al Gaoud said Bahrain International Airport was one of the busiest
airports in the region and handled approximately 230 flights a day and seven
million passengers a year. 

"There are between 300 and 400 people, including airport staff, who operate
at any given time at the airport and they have to all work with a safety

"In addition, there are a large numbers of different vehicles operating on
the aprons and servicing aircraft. 

"With so many people operating and so much happening, we have to be very
cautious and prevent anything from going wrong."

He said this required highest standards of safety and security are
maintained on the aprons, among other places within the airport, at all

"This is a good opportunity for all to see that we only have their safety
interest at heart."

Capt Al Gaoud said staff have a role to play in preventing accidents and
incidents, which cause injury or loss of life, loss of property or damage to
the environment. 

"It can only be achieved through safety consciousness and that is why we are
going beyond the normal training to ensure that safety is always on their
minds," he said.

During the campaign, staff will have the opportunity to attend lectures on
handling dangerous goods, fire, administer first aid, ensure ramp safety and
look at several human factors which could cause a potential mishap. 

Several companies, that operate at the airport such as DHL, Aramex, Bahrain
Airport Services, Bahrain Aviation Fuelling Company and Bahrain Duty Free,
took part in an exhibition held on the sidelines of the event.

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