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CAA: SMS Help, "Flight Options Partners with FAA for Safety Management System"

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Flight Options Partners with FAA for Safety Management System 
Press Release

CLEVELAND -- Flight Options, LLC, a leading provider of fractional shares in
business aircraft and a Raytheon Company, announced today that the company
has been selected by the FAA as the only fractional provider, and the
largest of only nine aviation service providers nationwide, to partner and
participate in the "proof of concept" phase of the development and
implementation of a formal Safety Management System (SMS) for all air
service providers. 

"With a robust safety management program supported by a dedicated Safety
department, Flight Options has worked continuously to build its position as
an industry leader in safety," said Chuck Starkey, Vice President of Safety
and Security, Flight Options, LLC. "Partnering with the FAA to develop a
formal SMS gives us the opportunity not only to improve our program, but
also to leverage our experience and help build the model program for the
rest of the air transportation industry." 

A formal FAA-accepted Safety Management System is expected to become a
regulatory requirement for all air carriers in 2009. To implement this
model, the FAA reached out to industry leaders to help define, implement and
validate the model SMS. Implementing a formal SMS will integrate safety best
practices throughout the organization. Incorporating proven quality and
management principles into the practice of safety, SMS involves line
management, safety expertise and employee engagement to produce a healthy
safety culture in every aspect of the business. 

In a November address to nearly 500 aviation industry leaders from the
United States and around the world, FAA Administrator Marion Blakey
highlighted the importance of SMS for continuing to improve the industry's
safety record. "We've been able to amass a safety record that's
unparalleled. So the safety challenge, in a nutshell, is how do you take it
to the next level? What will not only maintain this fabulous record but will
position us to improve on that record as operations grow? I think the answer
to that is safety management systems." 

Flight Options continuously strives to be the safest fractional company.
Flight Options was the first and only fractional provider to receive the
prestigious ARG/US Platinum Safety Rating three consecutive times - adhering
to the same safety audit standards as U.S. Department of Defense and
commercial airlines. Additionally, the Company became the first fractional
aircraft operator approved by the FAA to participate in an Aviation Safety
Action Program (ASAP). ASAP enhances aviation safety practices by
encouraging flight crews to voluntarily report critical safety information,
helping to proactively identify and correct hazards. ASAP was previously
approved only for commercial airlines. 

Flight Options, LLC offers the complete spectrum of programs from fractional
ownership to leasing to JetPASS Ultimate Travel membership and has received
the prestigious ARG/US Platinum Safety Rating three times. The Flight
Options fleet of over 140 aircraft includes the world's largest fleets of
Beechjet 400As and Legacy Executive aircraft. Flight Options' fleet consists
of the Beechjet 400A, Hawker 400XP, Hawker 800XP, Citation X and Legacy.
More information is available at www.flightoptions.com or by calling

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