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"Request for Expression of Interest - Aircraft, Passenger and Baggage Services for Kabul International Airport"






Aircraft, Passenger and Baggage Services for Kabul International Airport.



Deadline for submission of REOI: September 29, 2008 at 16:00 Hrs. (Kabul Local Time)


Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

Services:   Aircraft, Passenger and Baggage Services for Kabul International Airport.

Ref No: MOT/886.


1.0 The Government of Afghanistan, Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation   (MoTCA) has responsibility for the oversight of the country’s civil aviation system.  The present Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation was formed in 2004 by merging the previous Ministry of Transport with the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. The Government of Afghanistan is interested in establishing a public-private partnership with an international private sector partner to provide exclusive airport services on a revenue sharing basis with the MoTCA through air carrier, passenger and ground handling  located at the Kabul International Airport for a period of fifteen years.


2.0 At present, Government of Afghanistan-owned Ariana airlines operates ground-handling facilities for themselves and other carriers at Kabul International Airport. Under the current system, the quality of handling services in Kabul airport falls short of international standards. Cargo-handling facilities at the airport are neither efficient nor adequate. Improvement in cargo handling capabilities can lead to increased imports, especially of capital goods and high-value items. ICAO recommends dwell time of passengers and cargo be dramatically reduced, by enhancing capacity at existing airports. Further, as non-aeronautical revenue at Kabul airport is currently insignificant, a major thrust towards increasing the share of commercial revenue is required at the Kabul Airport. This contract can serve to exploit the full commercial potential of this airport and make KIA not only more economically viable, capable of generating surpluses for further expansion and development but also help offset aeronautical charges. In order to modernize ground-handling facilities to increase efficiency and generate additional non-aeronautical revenue at the Kabul airport, we are seeking large investment from the private sector in the form of a public-private-partnership. Liberalizing passenger and ground handling would lead to new investments and employment at the airport as the market for services at Kabul airport is sufficient to generate private sector interest.


3.0 Afghanistan’s Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation (MoTCA) proposes to invite sealed tenders in two bid systems from reputable international firms on a revenue sharing basis, having experience in passenger and ground handling. The service provider selected from the tendering process will design, build, finance, operate and maintain all passenger and ground handling facilities and expand them based on growth to develop the airport into a regional hub. The main services offered by the service provider must meet all ICAO SARPs as well as the service standards as defined in the IATA Ground Services Agreement, including representation and administration, passenger services, ramp services, load control, communications and flight operations, cargo and mail services, support services and airport ticketing services at competitive prices. The contract is expected to begin operations in the Fall/Winter of 2008.


4.0 Kabul International Airport currently sees about 700,000 annual enplanements, 25,000 annual commercial operations and 300,000 tons of cargo a year. These numbers will likely increase each year and proposals should take into account a five percent annual growth rate.


5.0 KIA currently has one passenger terminal for both domestic and international passengers. A new international terminal with four gates is currently under construction adjacent to the existing terminal and it is anticipated that international passenger operations will shift to the new terminal in late-2008, leaving the current terminal for domestic passengers only.


6.0       The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation (MOTCA) now invites eligible consultants to express their interest in providing the above-mentioned services. Interested consultants must provide information showing that they are qualified to perform the services, including:


a.      Descriptions of similar assignments, indicating the nature, size and scope of these assignments, the staff involved and the methodology employed;

b.      Experience of working under similar conditions in developing countries;

c.       Brief background of the organization, its set up, financial standing, legal standing and major assignments/projects taken up in last 10 years.

d.      Availability of appropriate skills among staff, including experience of business processes, information technology and language capabilities; and

e.       References


7.0    Consultants may associate to enhance their qualification or access to local advisors. The Association may take the form of a Joint Venture (with joint and severable liabilities of all partners) or a sub-consultancy. If consultants intend to associate with other firms, they are invited to state in their EOI the composition and form of the association.


8.0    The main part of the EOI shall be a specific brief of not more than five (5) pages, to be sent by electronic mail to the address given below at para 9.0. The five pages shall comprise a brief presentation of the firm or association, including the points mentioned at

para 6.0 above. The same text, together with all other material (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, appropriate skills among staff, etc.), shall be sent as hard copy to the address given below. Consultants are encouraged to provide only materials that are specific to the proposed services, and to avoid submitting generic promotional material.


9.0    Address: -  

Attention:  Mr. Arindam Lai, Advisor/ Mr. Farid Nezam, PLO

Afghanistan Reconstruction and Development Services,

Ministry of Economy Building, 4th and 5th floor,

Malik Asghar Square,

Kabul, Afghanistan


Mobile No.: 0093 (0)775215841

Email:  arindam.lai@xxxxxxxxxxx   copied to farid.nezam@xxxxxxxxxxx


(The REOI is also available on our web site www.ards.org.af )


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