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"TSA issues airport tracking system RFI"

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

TSA issues airport tracking system RFI
By Alice Lipowicz

The next-generation security system for U.S. airports may include seamless,
continuous tracking of passengers and their baggage from the time of
reservation to arrival at their destination, according to a new notice
posted by the Transportation Security Administration. 

TSA published a request for information on Tuesday to invite vendor ideas
for such a system and its IT architecture. The system will include
credential verification, identity management and tracking of passengers and
their baggage. It must be able to integrate with existing systems, including
sensors and threat detection and command and control systems. 

Vendors are expected to discuss biometrics, scanning, smart cards, portals
and kiosks, radio frequency identification, video surveillance and passenger
identification and credentialing systems in their solicitations, the TSA
notice stated. 

They also must include information on integrating with other systems, user
interfaces, data exchange methods, system management, bandwidth use, system
performance and life-cycle costs. 

"TSA is investigating options for the procurement and deployment of
capabilities that will evolve the current portfolio of security systems into
a network-centric enterprise of integrated standards-based technologies and
enterprise services," the notice stated. 

Vendor responses are due by April 18.


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