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Request for Proposals to Perform Airport Consulting Services at Yuba County Airport, Maryville, CA

April 30, 2004




Yuba County Airport, Marysville, CA


The County of Yuba wishes to retain the professional services of a qualified air­port con­sult­ing firm over a five-year period to assist the County in the perfor­mance of the following proj­ects:



·        Prepare necessary applications and documentation for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) AIP grant funding.



·        Anticipated Projects:



o        Construction of airport service/emergency access road


o        Design and construct seal coat and precision marking for Runway 14/32


o        Land acquisition to protect encroachment


o        Design and construction of apron drainage improvements


o        Environmental assessment


o        Design and construction of new aircraft hangar facilities


o        Design and construction of 1,000-foot extension to Runway 14/32 and overlay existing surface


o        Design and construction of taxiway extension to Runway 14/32, including runway exit taxiways, and runup pads


o        Design and construction of airport maintenance facility and crash, fire, and rescue facility


o        Design and construction of airport terminal area facilities, taxiway, and core area improvements


o        Rehabilitation of airport control tower building


o        Update of Yuba County Airport Comprehensive Land Use Plan


o        Update of Yuba County Airport Master Plan


o        Obstacle evaluation/removal



·        Provide miscellaneous airport planning, engineering, and consulting support services as may be required from time to time by the County.  These consultant services may in­clude representing the County in all discussions with the FAA regarding the work pro­gram, grant requirements, and project documentation.


A statement of your firm's interest and qualifications regarding these projects is here­in so­lic­ited.


The Statement of Interest and Qualifications should include detailed information re­garding the consultant's interest; qualifications; current relevant experience with the planning, de­sign, and engineering of airports and airfield facilities and airfield im­prove­ment projects funded by FAA Airport Improvement Program (AIP) grants; and resumes of key person­nel.  Selection criteria contained in the FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100-14, as amended, will be considered in the fol­lowing order of importance:




1.      Understanding of the project

2.      Recent experience with similar projects and with the Federal Aviation Administration

3.      Interest shown

4.      References

5.      Ability to meet schedules and keep work within a budget

6.      Qualifications of project manager and technicians assigned to the project

7.      Familiarity with the project and location

8.      Current workload


Please note that this request is for a Statement of In­terest and Qualifica­tions; a de­tailed cost pro­posal is not being requested at this time.  Final proj­ect costs will be deter­mined through negotia­tions with the selected firm.  If project cost negotiations with the selected firm are unsuccessful, the County reserves the right to enter into negotiations with other firm(s).


Consultant sub­mittals shall be brief and concise, containing no more than 30 pages of ma­te­ri­al.  Submittals in excess of 30 pages shall be considered to be nonresponsive.


The County assumes no obligation in the solicitation of this general statement of in­terest and quali­fi­cations and all costs of responding to this solicitation shall be borne by the interested consultants.


Time is of the essence, therefore, the County will evaluate all pertinent information and will endeavor to select the firm with which it will work from those firms submitting statements.  If a selec­tion cannot be made on the basis of the qualifications statements alone, the most qualified firms may be contacted for additional in­formation and, if warranted, detailed interviews.


This project is subject to the provisions of Executive Order 11246 (Affirmative Ac­tion to Ensure Equal Employment Opportunity) and to the provisions of Depart­ment of Transportation Reg­ulations 49 CFR Part 23 (Disadvantaged Business En­ter­prise Participation).  DBE firms are en­couraged to submit.


Questions regarding this request and the proposed projects should be directed to Ms. Mary Hansen, Airport Manager for Yuba County Airport, (503) 841-6248 or mhansen@xxxxxxxx.


Three (3) copies of the Statement of Interest and Qualifications should be sub­mitted to: Mary Hansen, Airport Manager, Yuba County Airport, 1364 Sky Harbor Drive, Marysville, California 95901), no later than 5:00 p.m., PDT, on May 31, 2004.

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