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"LAWA Air Cargo Study"

J&A Consulting Services is proposing on the LAX Cargo Facilities Study
and invites DBE/WBE/OBE firms having experience with LAWA in the
following categories: Architecture - Cargo Buildings; Engineer - Civil
Transportation and Pavement; Environmental - Soils mitigation and
Environmental Assessments; and Planning - Cargo facilities.  If
interested send an email or fax to address below and include 1) Your
hourly billing rates; 2) Your DBE/WBE/OBE certificate; and 3) your

John C. Black
J&A Consulting Services and
IACI - Eagle E-Zine
1550 N. Stapley #127
Mesa, AZ 85203
Tel 480-461-8236
Fax 775-249-0316


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