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"Explosive Detection Systems General Contractor - Potential Sources Sought"

Thursday, February 14, 2002


NOTICE TYPE: Sources Sought Notice


AGENCY: Department of Transportation

OFFICE ADDRESS: Department of Transportation, Transportation Security
Administration, Headquarters TSA, 400 7th Street SW Room 5106,
Washington, DC, 20590

SUBJECT: Explosive Detection Systems General Contractor

CLASSIFICATION CODE: 63 - Alarm, signal & security detection equipment




CONTACT: Richard Lieber, Contracting Officer, Phone (202) 366-4953, Fax
(202) 366-9848, Email Richie.Lieber@xxxxxxxxxxxx

NOTICE TEXT: Department of Transportation, Transportation Security
Administration, Headquarters TSA; TSA Acquisition Announcement The
Department of Transportation (DOT)/Transportation Security Agency (TSA)
has initiated an accelerated competition for the management of a program
of critical importance and urgency to our country. This program is to
support and coordinate the fielding of explosive detection equipment as
mandated by the Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001.
Consistent with the urgency of this requirement and the authority cited
under a Class Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition
Under FAR 6.302-2, a competition is underway for the selection of prime
contractor to assist TSA with this initiative. While the initial
selection of the potential offerors (to be the prime contractor) was
based on market research, this announcement is to 1) solicit responses
from additional firms interesting in being the prime contractor and 2)
identify possible subcontracting goals relating to this procurement. Any
potential prime contractor must have the experience, resources, and past
performance judged to offer a low risk and high probability of success
in fielding the required explosive detection equipment by December 2002.
The prime contractor selected will be responsible for the coordination
and execution of activities required to meet the aviation
checked-baggage screening requirements of the Act. The activities
include, but are not limited to purchasing and coordinating the supply
of the needed equipment, managing the installation of equipment into the
airport environment, provide support for EDS screener training, and life
cycle maintenance. (Concurrently, and with regard to accelerating
current production of the equipment needed as part of the total
solution, efforts are under way to place under contract the entire
production lines of known and certified firms that manufacture such
devices.) The Transportation Security Administration has established the
following subcontracting goals for this program: 40% of subcontracting
dollars be awarded to small business; 5% to Small Disadvantaged
Business; 5 % to Woman-Owned Business; 3% to Service Veteran-owned small
business. This announcement is seeking sources that can 1) participate
as the prime contractor and 2) businesses to participate as part of the
team (subcontract level) and contribute to the overall solution and
achievement of the statutorily mandated goal: field equipment and human
resources required to screen 100 percent of checked baggage by November
17, 2002. Any firm interested in being prime contractor may submit a
capability statement not to exceed four pages (at no less than 10-point
font) that describes the specific contribution the firm could make to
satisfy the various tasks cited above. Any firm interested in being a
subcontractor may submit a capability statement not to exceed two pages
(at no less than 10-point font) that describes the specific
contribution(s) the firm could make to satisfy the various tasks cited
above. For each of the various tasks cited above that you are interested
in, please provide detail qualifications and references. Small
businesses (including woman-owned, minority, Service/Disabled Veterans,
HUBZone, and disadvantaged) are encouraged to participate. The
capability statement(s) is/are to be emailed to the Contracting Officer
at richie.lieber@xxxxxxxxxxxx no later than 1:00 on Thursday, February
19, 2002. All received capability statements will be provided to the
prospective prime contractors. Statements exceeding two pages or
received after the due date will be discarded. No additional information
is available at this time. The importance of this initiative to our
country and its people is self-evident, as is its urgency. Those who are
chosen, through competitive processes based on ideas and solutions, with
consideration of cost and risk, will be part of a mission-critical team
responsible with TSA to success in protecting the American people and
guests of this great nation. INTERNET ADDRESS:


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