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"Teaming - New Airports in Mexico"

Organizations and Associates interested in providing professional
services in a teaming cooperation to join with AVCON/WFR+A and major
international finance,airport BOT/BOO organizations,in the
development,engineering,design,program and/or construction management at
risk(option),of the following new projects:

A.      "StarPort I" an air cargo airport West of Ciudad Juarez,Mexico,
including 8 gate remote airside-landside high-efficiency/secure pax
terminal facilities, a major engine and airframe overhaul base,a free
trade zone. Estimated cost $100 Million. Operational: 2004-2005.

B.      The new international airport at Texcoco(probable site), North
of Mexico City.
        Estimated Cost $1.5 Billion. Operational: 2005-2006.

Upon review of your response, a pre-teaming meeting and project briefing
for each airport will be scheduled at the AVCON HQ offices in Orlando,

Please send experience, qualifications and area of interest to the
following projects coordinator:

Billy Reps
604 Courtland Street, Suite 300,
Orlando,FL 32804-1344
407-599-1122   407-599-1133Fax


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