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"Starport I"

A major new aviation facility has been proposed by [WFR+A]Aviation
Management Consultants and AVCON Inc. Aviation Infrastructure Consultants
(see web site for Avcon).

This project is in the first phased stage of development. It is named
"Starport I"  It is intended to be owned and operated by a major airline
alliance group comprised of major international member airlines. A
presentation of the conceptual airfield and new, high-efficiency
airside-landside terminal processing facilities was recently made to the
alliance which, along with two major air cargo(non-alliance)airlines are
currently evaluating the potential operation of the facility in the
2004-2005 period.

At this point, you could locate this new airport anywhere 8,000 acres of
unencumbered land was available for a primary runway of 12,500 x 200 feet
with dual parallel taxiways, and an 8-gate remote passenger processing
operation. The airport is to be, initially, an air cargo operation until pax
traffic builds. The pax terminals are modular in design, low-cost and
expandable on a demand basis. Land required for the airport could be less,
depending on the perceived long-range growth of the region around it.

"Starport I" is sited in North Central Mexico, West of Ciudad Juarez and
near the border of New Mexico where there is unencumbered land available.
The site reminds one of Phoenix 75 years ago and is suitable for similar
commercial and urban growth. The landsite has not been acquired to date,
pending issuance of local permits. The estimated cost of "Starport I"
is $100 Million.

The aviation facility concept,i.e., ownership and operation by a group of
code-sharing airlines is the first of its kind in modern days. In the early
days of aviation, airlines did own and operate airports, but usually for
their own singular use.

In our proposal, the alliance members would be enabled to use their airport
on an exclusive basis with no landing fees, and share in the profit stream
of fees paid by the airport's other users, non-member airlines, service
providers, hotels, car rentals, and retailers, for example.

Parties interested in joining and syndicating or financing the BOO/BOT
development and operation of "Starport" projects may contact:
wreps@xxxxxxxxxxxx for further information or call Billy Reps at


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