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"Security Master Plan Implementation - Seattle-Tacoma Int'l Airport"

Invitation For Bid Number: 100713

Status: Future

Title: Security Master Plan: Access Control System

Estimate: $9,000,000.00

Closing Date: 8/30/01

Closing Time: 2:00:00 PM

Division: Construction Management Services

Solicitation Type: Bid

Contract Administrator: Audrey Mims,  Contracts Administrator

Project Manager: Bob Komisar


Security Master Plan Implementation Project The Port of Seattle is
soliciting bids for an upgrade to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s
existing FAR 107.14 Security Access Control System (ACS). This project
includes the procurement, installation and programming of equipment for
three main ACS subsystems: CCTV, intercom and access control. The Contractor
shall provide all access control, door and vehicle and personnel gate
hardware required for a full and complete access control system meeting or
exceeding specified performance measurements as identified in the project
manual and the airport’s Security Program. This shall include a new access
control intercom system including all master and substations required to
meet the performance specifications. At the option of the contractor, the
new access control system may be integrated with the existing system headend
or the access control headend may be replaced. Additionally, the contractor
shall provide additional CCTV cameras, a digital CCTV recording system and a
new analog video switch. This CCTV equipment shall be integrated with
existing CCTV cameras using both new and existing cabling. The project will
also include interfacing the ACS to a new badge system to be installed by
others. The project-engineering estimate is approximately $8M - $9M and will
be competitively bid as a low bid lump sum contract. The project shall be
awarded to the conforming, qualified bidder who proposes the lowest project
bid. A pre-bid meeting and site tour will be conducted by the Port of
Seattle, TDB. The project will require the contractor to perform asbestos
abatement in a variety of construction areas. Coordination with other
ongoing construction programs will be required. The successful contractor
shall, to the extent possible, utilize all existing conduit and cabling for
existing security equipment rooms (SACs) to existing and new security doors
and gates. The Port reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive
any informality, to accept any alternate bids, and to make such award that
it deems to be in its best interest and pursuant to the terms of the General
Conditions. The project will be governed by the Project Labor Agreement
established for Phase 1 of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Phase 1
Capital Improvement Program. The Port of Seattle is an Equal Opportunity


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