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Commercial Hangar





The County of Colusa is soliciting interested parties for the commercial use of 50 feet by 60 feet (3,000 sq. ft.) hangar with an attached 12 foot by 60 foot twin office and restroom structure, which is currently vacant. The hangar facility is located at the Colusa County Airport. Interested parties are requested to furnish a proposal for occupation of the commercial hangar to the County of Colusa on or before 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 3, 2000. It is the intent of the County to lease the structure to the person or business, which would be in the best interest of the County and the Airport. It is preferred to lease the hangar to an aviation related type business. A County Board of Supervisor=s appointed Review Committee shall review the proposals, interview the interested parties, and make a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors as to the person or business with the best proposal. The County will then enter into negotiation with that person or business to reach a lease agreement.

The following basic information may help to determine the degree of interest of the prospective lessee:

1. The commercial hangar was leased to an individual for aircraft maintenance purposes for many years. The hangar/office is to be rented "as is" so prospective proposers are encouraged to view the structure.

2. The Colusa County Airport operates and maintains an exclusive aircraft fueling operation.

3. Persons or businesses submitting proposals will be scheduled for an interview and presentation with the Review Committee.

4. The County of Colusa, as indicated, shall provide the structure in an "as is" condition. The successful bidder will be responsible for any remodeling and/or clean up including any building or fire code requirements required to occupy the hangar.

5. The successful proposer will be required to provide utilities for the hangar including but not limited to, gas, electricity, garbage and telephone installation and service, including the extension of service to the hangar if not currently provided. Water is provided by the county.

6. Additional structure and liability insurance will be required including naming the County of Colusa as additional insured.

7. As part of the proposal, a prospective operator should provide a rough estimate of the expected investment in the facility's improvements, remodeling, and plans for the operation including the services to be provided and hours of services. The proposer should also state the amount of offered rent.

8. The terms of the Lease Agreement shall be for a mutually agreed upon. The terms will be based on the investment to be made by the successful proposer. The successful proposer will be required to enter into a Lease Agreement with the County of Colusa within 30 days of notice of accepted proposal. In the event a mutually agreed upon Lease Agreement is not reached, then the next best determined proposal submitted will be contacted for negotiation of a Lease Agreement.

The above information is provided in an effort to give all parties an equal opportunity to determine degree of interest. Additional information may be furnished upon written request if it is considered essential. Any additional information requested and provided will be provided in writing to all parties.

If you are interested in leasing the commercial hangar at the Colusa County Airport, a written proposal shall be submitted to the office of the Board Clerk of the County of Colusa, 546 Jay Street, Colusa, California 95932 by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 3, 2000.

Parties interested in viewing the hangar or wanting further information should contact Harry Krug, Airport Manager, 100 Sunrise Blvd, Suite F, Colusa, 530-458-0580.

County of Colusa reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and to waive any informality in any proposal or review process.


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