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"Polish Airports State Enterprise invites companies to present their interest"

Thursday, September 14, 2000

* Polish Airports State Enterprise (PPL), Zwirki I Wigury 1, 00-906, Warsaw,
Poland, hereby invites companies to present their interest in the extension
of Warsaw-Okecie International Airport. The project includes design and
construction of Passenger Terminal 2 (plus complete technical
infrastructure) of approximately 120,000 square meters and capacity of 6.5
min pax". PPL intends to pre-qualify companies before two-stage tender
procedure for design and build contract. Pre-qualification is open for all
companies and voluntarily established consortiums. The application must be
submitted by 2 p.m. local time Sept. 29, For details, contact Polish
Airports State Enterprise, Zwirki I Wigury 1, 00-906 Warsaw, Poland,
Terminal 1, Office no. 305, (48-22) 650 26 78, fax (48-22) 650-26-77.


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