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"Question for you commercial pilots"

You may have heard about the B737 this afternoon that had the NLG collapse
on landing at OAK. Most of my experience is on military transports. Does
anyone know if a 737 (not sure which model) has a visual port for confirming
whether either a MLG or NLG is in the down and locked position? We had a
small window on the C-130 to check this. I'm just wondering if this could
have been avoided with a visual (from inside the aircraft) check of the

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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Southwest flight crash-lands at Oakland airport 
By Tanya Schevitz 
The San Francisco (CA) Chronicle

OAKLAND -- A flight headed to San Diego from Sacramento crash-landed at 3:32
p.m. this afternoon at Oakland International Airport, where it had been
diverted to address problems with its landing gear, a Southwest Airlines
spokeswoman said. 

No one was injured, and everyone on the Boeing 737 was evacuated by
inflatable slide, said spokeswoman Beth Harbin. The 119 people on board
included five crew members. 

The runway where the crash landing occurred remains closed. 

The pilots of Southwest Flight 3050, scheduled to land in San Diego at 3:15,
had noticed problems with its landing gear soon after they left Sacramento
at 1:51 p.m., Harbin said. 

Airport spokeswoman Rosemary Barnes said the pilots repeatedly tried to get
the landing gear to go through a complete cycle of retracting into the
plane, descending and going back up but they couldn't. They then decided to
get an air traffic controller to look at the gear and tell them what was
going on. 

"Somewhere in flight, the flight crew noticed there was a problem with a
landing gear and they elected to do a flyby here over Oakland
International," Barnes said. 

About 3:30, they decided to land at Oakland -- when an indicator appeared to
show the gear was working and air traffic controllers at Oakland said they
saw the gear go down properly, Barnes and Harbin said. 

But the front landing gear collapsed when the plane landed. 

The passengers, told they were being diverted into Oakland to check out "an
issue," were calm throughout the ordeal, Harbin said. They were taken by bus
to Terminal One, where they boarded alternate flights, and all 114 were on
their way to San Diego by 6:20, Harbin and Barnes said. 

Barnes said Oakland International Airport's main runway, where the crash
occurred, has been closed ever since. It isn't yet known when the plane,
which is still on the runway surrounded by fire trucks, will be safe to


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