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Suggest you give consideration to Bowling Green State University in 
Green, Ohio (just south of Toledo) as a place to fulfill your goals.  At 
BGSU, we 
have both Industrial-Pysch and a related field of Organizational 
(OD) at the masters level that you might find appropriate and 
interesting. On the 
aviation side, you could work with me. As a further note, I seem to 
recall MSU 
has a very good Ind-Pysch program, and I believe EMU has one as well. 
can complete flying at EMU or at any FBO in the area.

Curious as to what company you are working for? To achieve your goals

Stephen M. Quilty, A.A.E.
Associate Professor - Aviation
Bowling Green State University, OH

)n Fri, 24 Jan 2003 11:31:11 -0500
"sanyani edwards" <sanyani@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>Subject: Re: CAA: Meet a Mentor,  subscribe message
>I am currently working as an aviation analyst in 
the Metro Detroit area. Graduating from Western 
Michigan University, with a degree in Aviation 
Management, and Psychology focusing on 
Organizational/Industrial performance and Project 
Management. Also, I have a background in 
avionics, and aircraft maintenance from High 
>My career goals are to eventually obtain a 
Masters in Organizational/Industrial Psychology 
for the sole purpose of standardizing the way we 
conduct business in the aviation industry. I also 
would like to eventually finsih gathering my 
flight certification - I am currently at 150 
logged hours.
> Sanyani D. Edwards 

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