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"Looking for US Contact"


how you are you my friend? i havent spoken to you in ages.  Doug told me that you are at OAK now? ops i take it? i hope you're doing ok- i was out with ops at SJU for the past couple of days- you should see- they are so far back- alot of the work is done with pen and paper by the ops coordinators- i was in with the chief of operations and we spoke for a while- i couldnt believe that most of his work is done with paper and pen- he has an old computer in his office and doesnt even use it much.  They also have a tremendous problem there- on rwy 8 there are hundreds of iguanas that run around, especially in the morning when the sun is strong, they come out and ops has to go chase them off the rwy several times a day while flights wait in position- amazing.  anway Steve, hope all's well with you and the family- let me know what you're up to.

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