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RE: CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relations, Airport Marketing & Public Relations, air service and coop advertising


We are having e-mail problems, so if you already got this, delete.

We have not had direct cooperative advertising programs with airlines in the 
past; however, the Lake Tahoe Visitors Authority and the South Tahoe Gaming 
Alliance have penned proprietary agreements for marketing.  I have attached a 
copy of their old agreement in addition to our airport incentive program.  You 
may be able to glean some ideas from them, but I believe we are too small to be 
of significant help.

Janis Brand
Lake Tahoe Airport


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>coop advertising
> I am looking for examples of how you all deal with airlines and coop 
>advertising dollars.  I would like to develop a list of criteria that would 
>qualify an airline for coop dollars from the airport.  If you all have any 
>verbiage you can share with me, I would appreciate it.
> Thanks so much.
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