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CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relations, "Crisis Communications"

Clearly, one of the most important things many of us will ever do is to
represent our organization before the media during an incident, accident or

I thought since the Port of Oakland had just sent me to a two-day media
course, it might be interesting to start a discussion amongst list members
on 'Crisis Communications' at airports. I personally found beginning with a
prepared statement and then opening it up for questions was most comfortable
for me. This gave me the opportunity to get my main points out, hopefully
answering reporters questions before they were asked, as well as give me a
few moments to assess the audience and gather my thoughts. I picked dramatic
scenarios involving 'live' on-camera interviews. I briefed reporters on a
aircraft crash with loss of life as well as a terminal fire requiring
evacuation. The Port brought in a media consultant from San Francisco to
work with us.

Some questions to get the discussion started:

  Has anyone had any interesting experiences with media they'd like to

  Any techniques that seem to work well for you?

  Any preference working with a particular media type (print, broadcast,)
and why?

  How about any 'faux paux' you've learned from (yours or others)?

  Any good 'Crisis Communication' resources you can recommend?

  What do you handle and when do you defer to 'experts' (airline, NTSB,
management/technical staff)?

  Do you have an exceptionally good media policy that you'd like to share?

  How do you handle media access landside/airside? Where do you do mass
briefings? How do you handle media requests to photograph tenant property
(aircraft, buildings)?

  Do your contingency plans provide for establishment of an Emergency
Operations Center (EOC) and is a media rep. present?

Looking forward to the discussion.

Warm regards,


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