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CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relations, "Duplicate E-mails"

Dear MPR List Members,

The reason everyone's been receiving these 'Out of Office' e-mails from
Karen at Oakland Airport is because her autoresponder has been set-up
incorrectly. When someone posts to the MPR list, her autoresponder responds
to the list. When her own response to the list is distributed to her and
everyone else on the list, her autoresponder kicks in and responds to her
own response, creating a kind of endless loop. List members that use
autoresponders should set them to respond to the list owner, not the post
originator. Your Internet Service Provider or System Administrator should be
able to help you with this.

I've removed Karen from the MPR list for the time being.

Thanks for your patience.


To originate a message to the CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relations list, 
address your e-mail to mpr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, fill in the 'Subject' line 
and your message.
Your message will be received by everyone on the list.

To respond to someone elses message to this list, simply click on the 'Reply' 
button on your e-mail program, leaving the 'Subject' line alone. AOL users, 
don't forget to highlight the previous message text.
Your response will be received by everyone on the list.

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