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RE: CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relations, Airport Marketing & Public Relations, Off airport parking

Larissa, all of our parking facilities are located on the airport.  The garages and lots are managed for us by an outside vendor.
Roz Weston
GSP International
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Subject: CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relations, Off airport parking

Boise Airport would like to know of any airports that have off-airport parking facilities (not owned or operated by the airport).
1. Do you have an ordinance that stipulates the airport receiving a flat rate or percentage from the lot(s)? If so, what is the rate or percentage?
2. If you do not have an ordinance, do you receive any revenue from off-airport parking lots? How is that governed?
Thank you for your response.
Larissa Stouffer
Marketing/Air Services Development Coordinator
City of Boise Aviation & Public Transportation
Boise Airport
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