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RE: CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relations, Airport Marketing & Public Relations, "Customer Service Survey"


I have attached the Passenger Survey we are required to perform when we have
scheduled air service.  It was designed to meet the sectional requirements
of our federal court settlement agreement.  I hope it has a useful purpose
to you.

Janis Brand


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> From: Laura Lang [SMTP:stepheni@xxxxxxxxx]
> Sent: Thursday, February 08, 2001 8:58 AM
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> Subject:      CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relations,  "Customer
> Service Survey"
> The Sacramento County Airport System is developing a customer service
> survey
> to be distributed at Sacramento International Airport, Sacramento Mather
> and
> Executive Airports.  This will cover in-terminal service, parking lots,
> shuttle bus service, etc.  This will be the first comprehensive customer
> service survey that Sacramento County Airport System has distributed and
> we
> would appreciate any input regarding this project and any copies of
> customer
> service surveys that your airport has completed.
> Thanks again for your assistance,
> Laura Lang
> Public Information Specialist
> Sacramento County Aiport System, California
> Email: langl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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