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Airport Marketing & Public Relation, "Telephone book advertising"

Although I'm with the Kiehl Hendrickson Group now (aviation consultants), I previously worked as the marketing director for a small-hub (900,000 enplanements) airport.  I had the same questions as you.  We were spending a lot of my advertising budget on yellow page advertising, and it wasn't producing anything positive that we could measure.  The airlines, rental car agencies, and other tenants were the beneficiaries of our ad dollars.  So we reduced our exposure to a simple listing for the main switchboard line, which then gave consumers a menu to choose from.  Guess what?  That was all people needed.  The only negative feedback we ever got was from the yellow page sales reps.
So, what would my message be?  The public needs a general phone number and address.  Your tenants will do their own advertising in the yellow pages.  What's the worst that will happen if you lose the fancy display ad?  Nothing!
Best Regards

William A. Rathert

Kiehl Hendrickson Group

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Hello everyone!
Tis the season for phone book advertising renewal.  The yellow pages around here, as everywhere I'm sure, are outrageously expensive.  I am wondering how valuable the group thinks these ads are.  We spend thousands of dollars each year to advertise in Ameritech, TDI and local books...the content is mainly our airlines and their 1-800 numbers, as well as our web site information.
Any insights as the the value of this sort of advertising would be greatly appreciated!
Happy holidays!
Pat Corfman
Bishop International Airport
Flint, MI
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