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"Albany Intl Airport takes its show on the road"

December 18, 2000

Albany, N.Y., Airport’S Promotional Film Targets Airlines to Increase
By Jean DerGurahian
The Times Union, Albany (NY)

Dec. 18--Albany International Airport is taking its show on the road.

The airport authority has developed a series of films in an effort to get
airlines to increase service to the airport.

The first film targets Southwest Airlines Co., said John Egan, chief
executive officer of the airport. The Dallas-based discount carrier began
offering service to Baltimore and Las Vegas out of Albany in May.

Now the airport hopes Southwest will add direct flights to Chicago,
Nashville, Tenn., and Fort Lauderdale, Fla., -- cities through which
numerous business travelers on various airlines pass.

About half the 1.5 million travelers on all airlines out of Albany
International are business travelers paying more money to fly than
vacationers do, Egan said.

Egan said he thinks Southwest, which targets business travelers, can
increase its number of business travelers between 16 percent and 18 percent
by adding direct flights to the three cities. More than 50 percent of
Southwest's passengers out of Albany currently are on business trips.

The airport, along with a number of economic developers and political
leaders, spent a lot of time and money to woo Southwest -- a popular airline
because of its low fares and flight efficiency -- to open business in the
Capital Region.

Kristin Nelson, spokeswoman at Southwest, said Albany is meeting the
airline's expectations.

Southwest is noncommittal so far. "We add service where customers demand it.
As we continue to see demand in Albany, we will consider expanding there,"
Nelson said.

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