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Airport Marketing & Public Relation, Employee Parking Regulations

The employee parking lot is a about a 5 minute bus ride away and
transportation is provided.  To my knowledge, extended stays are fine, but
you may wish to check with our passenger services department, who handle
employee parking permits. Their number is 407-825-2660.

Happy Holidays!

Tracy Conner
Research Analyst
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority
(407) 825-2778

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> From:	Larissa Stouffer [SMTP:LStouffer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
> Sent:	Tuesday, December 19, 2000 10:23 AM
> To:	mpr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject:	CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relation,  Employee Parking
> Regulations
> Hello:
> I am looking for employee parking regulations for employees who work AT
> the Airport, but not FOR the airport administration.
> 1. How close to the terminal are the parking lots? Estimates are fine.
> 2. If it is a long distance, do you provide shuttle service?
> 3. What is your policy for extended stays? For example, employees who fly
> out for work trips and/or vacations, may they park in their employee
> space?
> Thank you,
> Larissa Stouffer
> Boise Airport
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