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, Airport Marketing & Public Relation, Parking - Heaven or Hell

Hi Larissa!
We just completed a 52,000 square foot expansion of the terminal, and the addition of 2 parking lots.  We do not have parking meters anywhere on airport grounds.  We do have signage that signals passengers when our long term lot is full--and it gives information as to which lot to use. The parking lot company (APCOA) is in charge of making sure the sign is displaying an accurate read of the lot capacity.  Hope this helps!
Pat Corfman
Director of Marketing and PR
Flint, MI
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Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2000 5:51 PM
Subject: CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relation, Parking - Heaven or Hell

Boise Airport is working on developing easy use and traffic flow during our Terminal Expansion. A large portion of our terminal expansion will be built on top of our current Short Term parking. However, my question is for all airports.
1. Does anyone use parking meters or a "Pay on Foot" system for parking (short or long term)? If so, how does this system work?
2. Regarding signage. Does anyone have a Parking Lot Availability signage system? For example: When drivers enter BOI, we want to give them notice when our parking garage or lots are full well before they reach the parking area.
3. If anyone has additional advice for handling parking and traffic restrictions during construction, please feel free to share with me.
Larissa Stouffer
Boise Airport
Larissa Stouffer
Marketing/Air Services Development Coordinator
City of Boise Aviation & Public Transportation
Boise Airport
3201 Airport Way
Boise ID 83705

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