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RE: CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relation Airport Marketing & Public Relation Charter Budgets


If we were allowed to spend the annual budgeted amount on marketing at Lake
Tahoe, instead of needing to cut back on those particular expenditures when
there are budget shortfalls, we wouldn't hesitate.

One thing we learned from our search for a marketing consultant is that any
time you are able to place the name of your airport or community before the
public, there is a benefit, if not directly from the passengers, then from
the person who decides to visit Bishop and/or Mammoth by private aircraft or
automobile.  An economically strong community helps its local airport and
vice versa.

Janis Brand

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> Sent:	Monday, August 07, 2000 7:02 AM
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> Subject:	CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relation Charter Budgets
> Hello everyone!
> We have one charter service at Bishop International Airport.  A large
> portion of my budget goes to support their advertising efforts.  I am
> wondering if I am spending an appropriate amount of money for the number
> of
> seats we are given.  If you are willing to share this sort of information
> with me, please email me at pcorfman@voyager.net.  I will be more than
> happy to share any and all information I have in return.
> Thank you!
> Pat Corfman
> Director of Marketing and Public Relations
> Bishop International Airport
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