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RE: CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relation Airport Marketing& Public Relation air service marketing

Rosylin...I will post the info as I get it...this is a great source for all of us..Mary

>>> Rosylin Weston <rweston@gspairport.com> 07/31/00 08:00AM >>>
Dear Mary,

i am trying to gather the same kind of information.  Would you mind sharing
with me anything that you get?  I'll be happy to do the same.

Thanks, Rosylin

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From: Mary Smith
Sent: Friday, July 28, 2000 12:47 PM
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Subject: CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relation air service marketing

I would like air service marketing information.  How do your airports
"court" new air service?  What kind of incentives, perks, do you offer
existing carriers to add service?  What kind of incentives do you
offer(services) to prospective carriers?  For example, receptions, co-op
advertising $'s, etc.


Mary Smith

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