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Re: CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relation Marketing/PublicRelations Plans/Budgets


We can celebrate our anniversaries together. I've been at Boise Airport since October '99. My position, Marketing/Air Services Development Coordinator, was also a new position.

As for a plan, we don't have one either. I use our Master Plan and Terminal Expansion Project to give me guidance in setting a focus. As for a budget, make friends with your Finance Manager. We are the Aviation and Public Transportation Department of the City. So, our FM goes to bat for us with the Budget Department.

I find that communicating information is one thing I try to do each day. I am a "news junkie". I share the information with my Directors and/or the department that would benefit from the info. Even if it seems trivial, I at least put a copy in my news file.

Find out how your airport achieved community relations, media relations, and air service development before you arrived. We have an air service development consultant that shares valuable tips. I was hesitant at first to ask for his help. But, I realized that we working together not trying to do each other's job.

As for tours, I have set a few guidelines. The tour is of the airport terminal building only. (A few of our airlines will also give tours.) My groups must be school aged children in groups of 30 or less. I avoid Friday's. Friday is the day for me to finish up something that didn't get done earlier in the week or get a head start on something. When I get a call for a tour, I send a confirmation memo with the date, time, number attending, and a few guidelines (where to meet, how to go through security, etc.). An important item on the memo is my contact info and ask them to reconfirm a couple of days before. I bold this statement.

In media relations, I have a background in working the media. I take media calls, gather data, set up news conferences, and send news releases. However,  since I am new, I am not quoted. The media sometimes hates this. My Directors and managers will talk the media. If I get the media what they want, they're happy. I am planning a tour of the terminal and airfield to explain what is happening with our terminal expansion. 

I also think we are both on the right track by talking to our PR/Marketing peers. I would also like to hear from other airports on this subject.

Larissa Stouffer
Boise Airport
Boise, Idaho USA

>>> rweston@gspairport.com 07/25/00 08:49AM >>>
Hello Everybody,

I am relatively new to this position (Oct. 99) and this is a somewhat new
position here at GSP International.  So there is no marketing/public
relations plan or budget for me to use as a guide.  Would you all be willing
to send me copies of your plans that include information on;
		Marketing the Airport as a whole
		Airline development/incentive marketing programs
		Community Relations campaign
		Print campaign ideas
		Broadcast campaign ideas
		Internal Tour programs
		New Service promotional ideas

Also, how much do you think should be allocated to an average
marketing/public relations/air service development annual budget?
We are considered a small airport with a total annual passenger count around
1.5 million.  We average about a 6% growth rate annually.

Do have any unique programs in place to attract or keep new air service in
your community?

Anything, any of you send me will be greatly appreciated and I promise to
return the favor whenever and how ever I can in the future.  Please send all
information to:

			Rosylin Weston
			GSP International Airport
			2000 GSP Drive, Suite 1
			Greer, SC 29651-9202

			Ph: (864) 848-6256
			E mail Address:	rweston@gspairport.com 


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