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Re: CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relation Airport Marketing & Public Relat...

    Is there anyone that would be willing to share marketing strategies for 
their airport with me? Does anyone have outlines that include conferences, 
sales calls for airlines, freight forwarders and shippers, PR efforts 
including advertising, data accumulation and budget for all the above 
mentioned. I would like to make comparisons of small airport and large 
    Is anyone giving financial incentives such as cash or reduced fees? What 
should an average budget be for marketing an airport (per million people)? 
How do you calculate revenues to be set aside for  marketing? Based on need 
or government will:)? 

Thank you in advance.

Debbie Acker
Acker & Associates
1938 E. Alondra CT.
Ontario, CA  91764
ph: 909/987-7043 

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