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Re: CAA: Airport Marketing & Public Relation Media Guide

Larissa....I am looking for any advance groundwork done in the area of pre-messy terminal work also......If you get your hands on some, please send it to me also...thanks, Mary Smith...Tulsa International

>>> "Larissa Stouffer" <LStouffer@cityofboise.org> 07/21/00 04:55PM >>>
Hello everyone:

Here at Boise Airport, we entering the "destruction for construction" stage of our terminal expansion project. Since we are tearing some things down at the terminal building, people are starting to notice that something is happening.

Our $85M project will bring us quite a bit of attention. I'd like to be prepared. John Anderson, Airport Director and I were talking about developing a media guide. 

I would like to know if anyone has a media guide. If anyone has an extra copy lying around, would you be willing to send me a copy? (My address is below.) Or if it is accessible via the Internet, would you let me know how I could take a look at it. Your media guide doesn't have to pertain just to construction. I would like for our media guide to be an ongoing basis.

Thank you for your assistance.

Larissa Stouffer
Boise Airport 

Larissa Stouffer
Marketing/Air Services Development Coordinator
Boise Airport
3201 Airport Way
Boise ID 83705


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