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"GAIN Lauds Transportation Dept.'s Decision To Add 24 Western Air Routes From Washington National Airport"

Friday, July 7, 2000

GAIN Lauds Transportation Dept.'s Decision To Add 24 Western Air Routes From
Washington National Airport
'Sec. Slater's Decision Fits Hand-in-Glove With GAIN's Mission Of Promoting
Increased Air Service for US Cities,' Branstad Says

DES MOINES, Iowa, July 7 (Jul 7, 2000) -- Global Aviation Improvement
Network (GAIN) Chairman and former Iowa Governor Terry Branstad today hailed
US Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Rodney Slater's decision
yesterday to allow dozens of new non-stop flights from Washington Reagan
National Airport to additional cities across the United States.

"Secretary Slater's announcement is a tremendous victory for the cities and
communities who will benefit from the economic boost that comes with
increased access to air service," Branstad began. "GAIN was formed to
promote the kind of increased air service that Secretary Slater made
available yesterday, and I wholeheartedly welcome his decision."

GAIN is a national coalition that unites elected officials, businesses and
civic leaders in a common goal to promote the economic development of small
communities and emerging cities through expanded air service. Without direct
access to a comprehensive air network, these cities are at a disadvantage
when competing in today's global economy.

Yesterday's decision by the DOT allocates 24 new non-stop flights from
Washington Reagan National Airport, one-half of which extend beyond
National's long-standing 1,250-mile limit. The routes were divided among
eight airlines.

Destinations located outside of the traditional limit include: Phoenix, AZ;
Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; and Denver, CO. New service within the limit
will be provided to Chicago's Midway Airport; Des Moines, IA; Raleigh-
Durham, NC; and several communities in Florida.

"Of course, I'm most pleased to hear about the new service to Des Moines,"
Branstad quipped, "but what's good news for the City of Des Moines and the
State of Iowa is equally good news for all of the other cities and states
that now have increased air service.

"Those of us living and working in these communities know that we can
compete for new business when our cities can provide access to destinations
around the world. With new access to the air service provided through
National, consumers and businesses in cities across Iowa, North Carolina,
Florida and elsewhere will now have increased access to each other and to
trade centers around the world.

"I look forward to advancing GAIN's mission of promoting increased air
service, so that good news like yesterday's can become a reality,
particularly for small and mid-sized cities throughout the country. We will
continue to build a network of leadership that is truly national in reach,
so that one day, cities everywhere will have access to air service that is
truly global in reach."

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