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"ACI-NA Applauds House for Including Funding for Airport Improvements"

Thursday, June 28, 2007

ACI-NA Applauds House for Including Funding for Airport Improvements 
Press Release
WASHINGTON, /PRNewswire/ -- Airports Council International - North America
(ACI-NA) today applauded House Transportation & Infrastructure (T & I)
Committee Chairman Oberstar and House Aviation Subcommittee Chairman
Costello, as well as T & I Committee Ranking Member Mica and Subcommittee
Ranking Member Petri for providing airports with the financial tools
necessary to fund capital improvements to meet increasing passenger traffic,
encourage price and service competition and improve safety and security. 

The House FAA Reauthorization Act of 2007 introduced Wednesday evening
raises the cap on passenger facility charges (PFCs) to $7.00. PFCs are a
local airport user fee that helps airports build infrastructure to meet
airline and passenger demands to accommodate future growth and improve
levels of service. The bill also provides important funding for the Airport
Improvement Program." 

Every day we hear about delayed flights and growing passenger frustration,"
said ACI-NA President Greg Principato. "The fact is there is simply no room
in the system to absorb the additional demand." 

By increasing the PFC ceiling, Congress will enable airports to invest in
the future by building more runways, taxiways, and terminals to better serve
the traveling public, reducing congestion and delays" Principato added. 

PFCs have funded more than $50 billion in airport modernization since 1990.
Although PFCs are a foundation of airport capital investment, the value of
the PFC has been significantly reduced because of construction cost

ACI-NA's recently-released capital needs survey shows that airports must
invest $87.4 billion over the next five years on new airport infrastructure,
such as new runways, terminals and gates, in order to keep pace with
projected passenger and air cargo demand. PFC revenue supports airport bonds
and funds ongoing capacity expansion projects. 

ACI-NA has launched a website, http://www.passengersfirstcommitment.org,
where visitors can learn how PFCs directly benefit passengers. The new
website is the online resource for air travelers who are seeking information
about steps airports are taking to increase safety, enhance runway and
terminal capacity, and promote more airline competition to meet the
projected surge in passenger demand. 

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