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"Ahead of the Bell: House Aviation Meeting"

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ahead of the Bell:House Aviation Meeting
The Associated Press

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will hold a meeting
Friday on aviation consumer issues, just two months after fall-out from a
winter storm caused JetBlue Airways to cancel more than 1,000 flights,
affecting at least 100,000 passengers.

When wintry weather struck on Feb. 14, equipment froze and grounded the
company's planes at JetBlue's terminal at John F. Kennedy International
Airport. Some passengers were stuck inside aircraft for up to 10 hours - a
public relations nightmare for the carrier.

In a swift mea culpa, JetBlue rolled out a customer bill of rights that
promises vouchers to fliers who experience delays, hoping the move wins back
passengers after the operational meltdown damaged its brand and stock price.

As flight delays have increased, especially during unfavorable weather
conditions, many officials have called for better oversight of airline
customer service practices.

Among those present at Friday's meeting will be: Transportation Department
Inspector General Calvin Scovel; JetBlue Airways CEO David Neeleman; Jim
May, president of the Air Transport Association; and Rep. Gregory W. Meeks
of New York.

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