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"Highlights of the 9/11 Commission recommendations bill"

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Highlights of the 9/11 Commission recommendations bill
The Associated Press

Highlights of the proposed 9/11 Commission Recommendations Act:

--Provides more homeland security grants to states based on risk of
terrorism attack, rather than states' populations.

--Establishes new, separate grants for state and local first-responders for
better emergency communications systems.

--Directs Homeland Security Department to establish a system for inspecting
all cargo carried on passenger aircraft over the next three years.

--Requires scanning of all containers bound for the U.S., using the best
available technology. Large ports would be given three years, and smaller
ports five years, to comply.

--Continues to provide $250 million per year collected in airport security
fees for the installation of inline explosive detection systems for checked
baggage at airports, through 2011.

--Requires Homeland Security Department to conduct an annual vulnerability
assessment for all critical infrastructure sectors.

--Requires strengthening intelligence and information sharing with local law

--Promotes efforts aimed at nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction
and preventing their falling into the hands of terrorists.

--Requires the president to impose sanctions on anyone trading nuclear
enrichment technology to a non-nuclear state.

--Calls for the U.S. to improve its communication of ideas and information
to people in Muslim countries.

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