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Caltrans Aviation-Related Legislative Update Report, September 29,2003

The Caltrans' Aviation-Related Legislative Update Report, as of September
29, 2003 is on our web site: <

This version includes all bills that were in the May 13, 2003 report,
rather than the last abbreviated report of July 17, 2003. With the
Legislature's recess of September 12, 2003, this will be the last report
with bill summaries in 2003. There will be a final report during the week
of October 12, 2003, indicating bills that were signed or vetoed by
Governor Davis, and resolutions passed by the Legislature, in 2003.

Should you have any questions, please reply by e-mail, or call (916)

Teresa Ishikawa
Aviation Planner
Division of Aeronautics
California Department of Transportation
Phone: (916) 654-4565
E-Mail: <Teresa_Ishikawa@xxxxxxxxxx>
Web: http://www.dot.ca.gov/aeronautics.

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