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Friday, January 7, 2003

Aviation-Related Bills in the California Legislature

2003-04 First Extraordinary Session: The following bills would amend the: a) Budget Act of 2002, or b) California statutes, to implement the budgetary changes.

1. ABX1 6 (Oropeza) and SBX1 17 (Senate Budget Committee): “Reductions in the Budget Act of 2002 Relating to State and Local Government”: These bills have identical language relating to aviation that would amend the Budget Act of 2002. The amount to be transferred in FY 2002-03 from the Aeronautics Account to the General Fund would increase from $6 million to $11.15 million. ABX1 6 passed the Legislature. SBX1 17 passed the Senate and is pending in the Assembly Committee on Budget.

2. ABX1 11 (Oropeza) and SBX1 7 (Senate Budget Committee): “Reductions in the Budget Act of 2002 Relating to State Government”: These two “budget trailer bills” had identical language relating to aviation, until February 3, 2003. They would have amended Public Utilities Code (PUC) sections in order to implement the amendments to the Budget Act of 2002 (i.e., ABX1 6 and SBX1 17). Prior to February 3, 2003, these PUC amendments would:

a) When appropriated by the Legislature, permanently allow the transfer of funds, for the $10,000 Annual Entitlements, from the Aeronautics Account to the General Fund, including any funds that public entities owning the airports accumulated over a five-year period;
b) Suspend the Annual Entitlements for FY 2003-04; and
c) Permanently require the California Transportation Commission (CTC), in awarding any aviation grants to eligible airports, including AIP Matching and A&D Grants, to give the highest priority to security projects.

However, on February 3, 2003, ABX1 11 deleted all the above PUC amendments relating to aviation. The aviation language in SBX1 7 continued to exist. ABX1 11 passed the Legislature. SBX1 7 passed the Senate, and is pending in the Assembly Committee on Budget.

2003-04 Regular Session

1. AB 77 (LaSuer): “San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (SDCRAA)”: This bill would exempt the unincorporated community in San Diego County of Ramona from consideration as a potential site for an alternative international airport to San Diego International Airport. AB 77 is pending in the Assembly Committee on Transportation.

2. SCA 2 (Torlakson): “Local Government: Sales Taxes: Transportation and Smart Growth Planning”: This proposed Senate Constitutional Amendment (SCA) would authorize a city, county, city and county, or a regional transportation planning agency to submit an increase in the sales tax to voters, for the purpose of funding transportation projects and services related to smart growth planning. SCA 2 is pending in the Senate Transportation Committee.

3. SCR 9 (Knight): “Space Shuttle Columbia”: This resolution would: a) Send the Legislature’s condolences to the families of Columbia’s astronauts; b) Express gratitude to all astronauts in the past and future; c) Support U.S. agressiveness in space exploration; and d) Cite its confidence in finding the cause for the accident, and to encourage NASA in pursuing a new generation of space vehicles. SCR 9 has not been assigned to a policy committee in the Senate.


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