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"Senate Approves DOD Appropriations Bill - Funding for Reimbursement/EAS"

Thursday, December 20, 2001 

Senate Approves DOD Appropriations Bill - Funding for Reimbursement/EAS


Following passage in the House earlier today, the Senate has just
approved the conference report on the DOD appropriations bill 94-2,
sending the legislation to the President for his signature.  The measure
includes $20 billion in emergency supplemental appropriations with
provisions providing $175 million in funding to reimburse airports for
security related expenses and $50 million for the Essential Air Service

We want to again make clear that the $175 million in funding approved as
part of the DOD bill will be made available through the Airport
Improvement Program, necessitating a separate and distinct process from
distribution of any funds made available through the $1.5 billion
authorization approved as part of the airport security bill

The AAAE/ACI-NA Legislative Staff met with Woodie Woodward and Kate Lang
of the FAA today to discuss the process for distributing the $175
million in funding, and we expect guidance along those lines to be
released as early as next week.  We will distribute the guidance as soon
as we have it from the FAA.  

Again, gaining nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in new funding was
no easy task.  Thank you for your help in bringing home this significant
victory in the closing hours of this session of Congress.

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