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"Airport Funding Still in Play, But We Need Your Help!"

Monday, December 10, 2001

Airport Funding Still in Play, But We Need Your Help!
Funding to Reimburse Airports for Security Costs

As we reported late Friday night, the Senate-passed Department of
Defense appropriations bill includes $200 million to reimburse airports
for FAA mandated security costs. The House bill does not include similar
provisions, leaving the ultimate fate of this critical funding in the
hands of the House/Senate conference committee on the DOD bill. In light
of that fact, AAAE's Chip Barclay and ACI-NA's David Plavin sent the
following letter to conferees today urging the inclusion of airport
funding as part of the DOD conference report:

Now, we need your help in pushing for the additional funding. Please
contact the House and Senate Appropriations Committee Leadership as well
as your delegation (see contact information below) and ask them to
include $200 million in airport security funding as part of the DOD
conference report. We are expecting key meetings to take place in the
next day or so, so time is of the essence. 

House Appropriations Committee Chairman C.W. Bill Young: 

House Appropriations Committee Ranking Democrat David Obey: 

Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Robert C. Byrd: 

Senate Appropriations Committee Ranking Republican Ted Stevens: 

House Contacts: 

Senate Contacts: 

EAS Funding

The Senate-passed DOD bill also includes $57 million in funding for the
EAS program. Without these additional funds, DOT is expected to
eliminate or reduce service to at least 44 communities across the
country. While the AAAE/ACI-NA letter to conferees referenced above
urges the inclusion of this funding as part of the DOD bill, we need
additional help from airports interested in this important program. 

In addition to contacting the leadership of the House and Senate
Appropriations Committee in support of EAS funding and urging your
elected officials to do the same, you should also ask your House member
to sign on to the following letter currently being circulated by
Representative Jerry Moran (R-KS) and others, which will soon be sent to
House Appropriations Committee Chairman Young and Ranking Democrat Obey:
http://www.airportnet.org/depts/federal/letters/moranletter.pdf. Your
House members can sign on to the letter of support by contacting Jon
Hixson in Representative Moran's office at 202-225-2715. 

Although it will be difficult to gain the additional funding for these
items given the volume of interests vying for limited resources, we have
a strong case to make. As always, thanks for your help in pushing

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