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"DOT Spending Bill Goes To White House"

Wednesday, December 5, 2001

DOT Spending Bill Goes To White House 

The fiscal year 2002 DOT appropriations bill-which includes $3.3 billion
for the Airport Improvement Program (AIP)-is on its way to the White
House for the President's signature following the Senate's 97-2 vote
Tuesday to approve the conference report. The House approved the
conference report 371-11 on Nov. 30. 

The bill also includes $2.914 billion for FAA's Facilities and Equipment

Additionally, the measure appropriates funds for programs that will help
airports in small communities. For example, the bill provides $20
million from AIP for the Small Community Air Service Development Pilot
Program, which is designed to improve air service to communities that
suffer from insufficient service or unreasonably high air fares. 

The bill also includes an additional $13 million for the Essential Air
Service (EAS) Program for a total of $63 million in fiscal year 2002.
The measure contains $70.5 million for FAA's regular Contract Tower
Program and $6 million for the continuation of the contract tower
cost-sharing program, as authorized in AIR-21. 

Congress also expressed its concern about the impact that aircraft noise
has had on efforts to expand airport capacity. In an effort to address
this problem, the bill includes $20 million for aircraft noise research,
an increase of nearly $13 million above the budget request. The report
accompanying the final version of the bill states that Congress expects
FAA to work with NASA to advance aircraft engine noise research. 

The measure prohibits FAA from using funds in the bill to implement its
proposal to require airports to pay for the agency's use of space in
airport-owned buildings in fiscal year 2002. Further, the measure will
allow airports to fund project-specific FAA staff and/or consultants for
key capacity projects. 

A complete copy of the bill may be viewed at

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