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"Airport Security Legislation - Comparison of Key Provisions in Senate/House Bills"

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Tuesday, October 16, 2001

Airport Security Legislation – Comparison of Key Provisions in Senate/House Bills

Now that the details of the Senate-passed airport security legislation have been released and the provisions of the separate House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Democratic and Republican security bills are emerging, we wanted to give you a better sense of the key items in each.

We also want to urge you to contact your elected officials to share with them the specifics of your situation with regard to new security expenses as soon as possible. We continue to get pushback from folks on the Hill and with the Administration who say that they haven’t really heard from airports on the seriousness of the financial situation. There is a general perception that airports, particularly larger airports, are "awash" in money and will simply have to "adjust revenue streams slightly" to pay for increased security expenses. Without a concerted effort to really hit hard on the financial burdens the FAA security mandates have created, we are not likely to gain anything on direct reimbursement other than continued frustration.

We also appreciate your help in continuing to work with us to make the case on a number of other key issues from deployment of the National Guard, the need for flexibility or elimination of the 300-foot rule, VFR flight restrictions in Class B airspace, etc. With so much on the table, your input with us and with elected officials and the Administration is critical. We are fighting many of these fights at both the legislative and regulatory levels. We will report developments in these areas as they occur.

Airport Security Legislation – Key Provisions

Airport Expenses/Funding

Senate Bill (S. 1447--Passed by Senate on 10/11):

House T&I Democratic Bill (H.R. 3110--Introduced in House on 10/12):

House T&I Republican Bill (To be Introduced in House on 10/17):

Screening/Access Control Requirements

Senate Bill:

House T&I Democratic Bill:

House T&I Republican Bill:

Other Important Provisions

Senate Bill:

House T&I Democratic Bill:

House T&I Republican Bill:

In Closing….

As you can see from this non-exhaustive list of provisions, there is some good, some bad, and a whole lot of ugly. We appreciate your continued feedback on these bills and hope you will also share your thoughts and frustrations with your elected officials who are also trying to get there hands around this legislation. We have a ways to go before anything is signed into law, but time is critical given the expedited pace. The Senate passed its bill last week, and although the prospects for House action are unclear at the moment, it is certain that some action will be taken soon. Stay tuned and stay engaged.

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