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"GA Financial Aid Bill Takes a Number - H.R. 3007"


GA's alphabet soup, including AOPA's Phil Boyer, EAA's Tom Poberezny,
and GAMA's Ed Bolen, testified a few weeks ago before the House Aviation
Subcommittee and asked for the removal of flight restrictions placed on
the GA fleet.  Now AOPA's relief package for general aviation, supported
by several of the alphabet groups including GAMA, NBAA, AOPA and NATA,
has won the attention of lawmakers.  The bill was last week announced by
Representative Bill Shuster (R-PA) as H.R. 3007.  If passed in its
current form, it would authorize the Small Business Association to
provide grants and other financial benefits to those business affected
by regulatory reaction to the terrorist attacks.  Flight schools and
tour operators would directly benefit from the package, but unless/until
the bill is passed, the full range of relief is yet unknown.  If you're
an aircraft owner looking for help with loan, tiedown and insurance
payments while Uncle Sugar keeps your bird grounded, don't hold your

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