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"Parking Restrictions at Airports - Gaining Flexibility on the 300-Foot Rule"

Thursday, October 4, 2001

Parking Restrictions at Airports - Gaining Flexibility on the 300-Foot Rule

As you are well aware, recent FAA security directives prohibiting parking
within 300 feet of terminal buildings have created a great deal of headache
and financial hardship for airports across the country.  While some airports
have had some success in working with the FAA on developing reasonable
approaches to meeting this requirement, others have found it difficult to
gain any flexibility.  For our part, we continue to press the FAA to give
all airports additional flexibility to find alternative measures including
locally available concrete barriers and vehicle search procedures, for
example.  The AAAE Regulatory Affairs staff has met several times with
Associate Administrator for Airports Woodie Woodward and other FAA officials
as recently as yesterday afternoon, and our efforts are ongoing.

The issue is also beginning to receive some attention on Capitol Hill.
Representative Doc Hastings (R-Wash.) has drafted a letter to Secretary
Mineta (see links below) encouraging the FAA to work more cooperatively with
airports in this area.  Rep. Hastings has circulated a "Dear Colleague"
letter among his fellow House members asking for additional signatures on
the letter before it is sent to Secretary Mineta.

If this issue is a problem at your airport, please contact your House member
as soon as possible and ask them to sign on to the letter from
Representative Hastings to Secretary Mineta.  They can do so by calling
Staci Stevenson in Rep. Hastings office at 202-225-5816.

We are also making some progress in the Senate, and we'll be back to you as
details emerge on our efforts there.  In the meantime, a strong signal from
as many members of the House as possible to the Secretary on the importance
of this issue will be helpful.  As always, thanks for your assistance.

Letter to Secretary Mineta:

Dear Colleague Letter:

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