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"Calls to House Republicans on the T&I Committee Needed"

Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Calls to House Republicans on the T&I Committee Needed 

Todd and Joel just met with Representative Don Young, Chairman of the
House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and pushed for
airport economic relief elements in the security bill. Chairman Young
expressed his interest in trying to provide economic relief on the
federally mandated security requirements.  

We have learned that the Republicans on the House T&I Committee will
meet at 1 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, October 3) to discuss pending
aviation security legislation.  Currently, most of that discussion is
likely to focus on the issue of whether or not to federalize screeners.
We need you, since you have a Republican member from your state on the
Committee, to CALL that office and urge the Committee to discuss the
need for airport relief provisions in this package as well. Phone
numbers are listed below.

Specifically, please ask your member to:

*urge the Committee leadership to provide reimbursement for the FAA
mandated requirement of increased law enforcement officer presence at

*provide AIP and PFC flexibility to cover not only increased security
requirements but also temporary debt service on airport bonds

*provide war-risk insurance coverage for airports (airport war-risk
policies have been cancelled effective October 1 and the Committee
should adopt a similar fix to the airports as Congress provided for the
airlines) and

*take action to create a liquidity pool for airports that would allow
for debt service payments, loans or grants and press for advanced
refunding of airport bonds which would allow airports to take advantage
of lower interest rates.

We will provide more details on the meeting with Chairman Young in a
future Airport Alert but we need you to start making calls.  Thanks for
your help!

Phone Numbers

Chairman Don Young (AK)               (202) 225-5765

Thomas Petri (WI)                     (202) 225-2476

Sherwood Boehlert (NY)                (202) 225-3665

Howard Coble (NC)                     (202) 225-3065

John Duncan (TN)                      (202) 225-5435

Wayne Gilchrest (MD)                  (202) 225-5311

Stephen Horn (CA)                     (202) 225-6676

John Mica (FL)                        (202) 225-4035

Jack Quinn (NY)                       (202) 225-3306

Vernon Ehlers (MI)                    (202)225-3831

Spencer Bachus (AL)                   (202) 225-4921

Steven LaTourette (OH)                (202) 225-5731

Sue Kelly (NY)                        (202) 225-5441

Richard Baker (LA)                    (202) 225-3901

Robert Ney (OH)                       (202) 225-6265

John Cooksey (LA)                     (202) 225-8490

John Thune (SD)                       (202) 225-2801

Frank LoBiondo (NJ)                   (202) 225-6572

Jerry Moran (KS)                      (202) 225-2715

Richard Pombo (CA)                    (202) 225-1947

Jim DeMint (SC)                       (202) 225-6030

Doug Bereuter (NE)                    (202) 225-4806

Michael Simpson (ID)                  (202) 225-5531

Johnny Isakson (GA)                   (202) 225-4501

Robin Hayes (NC)                      (202) 225-3715

Rob Simmons (CT)                      (202) 225-2076

Mike Rogers (MI)                      (202) 225-4872

Shelley Moore Capito (WV)             (202) 225-2711

Mark Steven Kirk (IL)                 (202) 225-4835 

Henry Brown (SC)                      (202) 225-3176

Timothy Johnson (IL)                  (202) 225-2371

Brian Kerns (IN)                      (202) 225-5805

Dennis Rehberg (MT)                   (202) 225-3211

Todd Russell Platts (PA)              (202) 225-5836

Mike Ferguson (NJ)                    (202) 225-5361

Sam Graves (MO)                       (202) 225-7041

CL "Butch" Otter (ID)                 (202) 225-6611

Mark Kennedy (MN)                     (202) 225-2331

John Abney Culberson (TX)             (202) 225-2571

Bill Shuster (PA)                     (202) 225-2431

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