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"Aviation Security Bill/Airport Relief Calls Needed"

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Aviation Security Bill/Airport Relief Calls Needed 

The legislative staff has spent the day in a series of meetings with
House and Senate staff as they prepare to draft aviation security
legislation, which is likely to go to the floor in both the House and
the Senate next week.  The primary objective for us in these meetings
has been to get agreement to include a series of airport relief
provisions in the bill, including:

War risk insurance coverage 
Reimbursement for increased law enforcement staff 
Expanded eligibility for AIP and PFC to cover security operations 
Bond-related provisions - both PFC-backed bonds and general revenue
Accelerated process for PFC increase to $4.50 
Airport Relief Calls Needed!

We need calls to come in to Congressional offices urging that these
provisions be included in the security bill.  It would be of great help
to us if you could do the following: 

Call your Congressional delegation and ask that these provisions be
included in the package.  
Also ask your Congressional office to contact the leadership and the
staff of the Senate Commerce Committee and the House Transportation and
Infrastructure Committee to press the case for inclusion of these
provisions in the bill. 
Earlier today, we sent you a copy of the letter that AAAE and ACI-NA has
sent to Capitol Hill.  You can access a copy of this letter at:

Things are moving quickly.  These calls are very important.  Please try
to provide as much detail as possible about your increased security
costs and revenue losses as a result of the terrorist attacks.

Administrative Update

On a final note - we expect to hear from the Administration shortly on
their recommendations relating to airport security and the function of
screeners.  Senator Nickles is reporting that President Bush will not
push for the federalization of screeners.  Below is the text of a CQ
article released at 3:30pm.


            Senate Minority Whip Don Nickles, Okla., said today he
expects the administration to offer airline security proposals that
would require the federal government to set standards for baggage
screeners at airport gates but would not federalize the system. Nickles,
who spoke with administration officials yesterday, said he did not know
whether the White House would give oversight responsibilities to the
Transportation Department or the Justice Department. The proposal likely
would include measures to strengthen cockpit doors, increase the number
of armed air marshals, enhance screening technology at airports, train
security personnel and increase the police presence at airports, Nickles
said. Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee Chairman
Ernest F. Hollings, D-S.C., said today he will insist that airport
security personnel be federal employees. The White House is expected to
brief lawmakers on its plan this afternoon, in advance of a formal
announcement to be made by President Bush tomorrow in Chicago.

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