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"Update from Capitol Hill"

Tuesday, September 25, 2001

Mid-Afternoon Update from Capitol Hill

Todd just phoned in from Capitol Hill - here's where we think things
stand at the moment on aviation security/airport relief efforts.

The Senate

Sen. Hollings would like to try to move his aviation security
legislation tomorrow, Wednesday, but we think it is more likely that the
legislation will move next week.  AAAE/ACI-NA Legislative Affairs staff,
along with David Plavin, met with Senate Commerce Committee staff
yesterday to press our case for financial relief and increased
flexibility in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11th.  We
are also meeting the with the staff of a number of Commerce Committee
members over the next day or so.

The House

The House is likely to move an aviation security measure next week,
based on conversations Todd has had with his contacts in the Speaker's
office and the staff director of the Transportation and Infrastructure
Committee.  Hearings are still under way today.  As we have previously
reported, David Plavin testified on behalf of AAAE and ACI-NA this

The legislative staff will meet tomorrow with Aviation Subcommittee
staff to discuss various provisions that we are pushing for inclusion in
the bill. It is important for you to contact your congressional
delegations urging that when Congress debates the aviation security
legislation, it include provisions to provide financial relief for
airports as part of the package.  Also, urge your delegation members to
contact the leadership of the House and Senate Aviation Subcommittees
and ask them to make sure airport relief provisions are part of the
airport security bill. 

At the moment, the main provisions we are pressing for include: 

   war risk insurance coverage for airports

   reimbursement from general revenues for FAA-mandated expenses,
including law enforcement personnel increases

   expanded AIP and PFC eligibility for operating expenses associated
with security requirements (including elimination of local matching
share requirements)

   bond-related provisions allowing airports the flexibility to

That is not an exhaustive list, but those are the main components.  If
you have additional suggestions, please contact us as soon as possible.

Obviously the Congress is very focused  on the issue of whether or not
to federalize the screeners and/or the whole entire security process as
well as whether or not to impose a new security surcharge in order to
help pay for the new program.  We'll keep you posted on additional
details as they become available. 

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