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"Airside Operations Manager, Port of Oakland, Calif."

Airside Operations Manager, Port of Oakland  
Open Recruitment: All qualified individuals may apply 
Closing Date: October 23, 2012 
Salary/Work Week: $10,081- $12,489/month 37.5-hr work week 
Civil Service Status: Classified (Job Code 10243)

The Port of Oakland oversees the Oakland seaport, Oakland International
Airport, and 20 miles of waterfront. The Oakland seaport is the fifth
busiest container port in the U.S.; Oakland International Airport is the
second largest San Francisco Bay Area airport offering over 300 daily
passenger and cargo flights; and the Port's real estate includes commercial
developments such as Jack London Square and hundreds of acres of public
parks and conservation areas. Together, through Port operations and those of
its tenants and users, the Port supports more than 70,000 jobs in the region
and over 800,000 jobs across the United States. The Port of Oakland was
established in 1927 and is an independent department of the City of Oakland.
The Port of Oakland is a dynamic organization providing great pay, excellent
benefits and an exciting corporate culture. To learn more, visit
THE POSITION:  The Port of Oakland is currently recruiting for the position
of Airport Operations Manager, Airside. Under general direction, the
incumbent is responsible for the planning, organizing and general
supervision of the Airport's airside operations, inclusive of safety and
security functions in accordance with the mission, goals, and objectives of
the Aviation Division. The incumbent is also responsible for oversight and
coordination of communications, aircraft noise and environmental programs,
airport certification, and coordination of repairs and maintenance of the
airside facilities and equipment. Typical duties may include, but are not
limited to the following:
.       Assures compliance of all relevant federal and state aviation
regulatory agency rules and regulations that pertain to safety and security
(FAR Part 139 and CFR 1542) as required for an FAA commercially certificated
.       Assists the Assistant Director of Aviation in developing and
implementing Airport operational policies and procedures to ensure the
efficient operation and optimum safety and security of all facilities.
.       Develops, directs and coordinates major programs and functions of
the Airside Operations department, such as airport communications, emergency
coordination, airfield management, methods and procedures, Duty Managers,
noise abatement, special projects and other activities as assigned. Issues
appropriate notices as necessary.
.       Devises, coordinates, interprets and enforces rules and regulations
concerning Airport operations and safety; assists in establishing compliance
policies and procedures regarding all appropriate local, state and Federal
.       Directs the preparation and maintenance of Airside Operations
directives and manuals, the Airport Emergency Plan (emergency procedures
manual) and the Airport Certification Manual.
.       Manages, through subordinate staff, the noise abatement program;
reviews and coordinates environmental and noise abatement policies and data
collection with the Noise Abatement/Environmental Affairs Supervisor;
develops approaches to noise problems.
.       Provides leadership and supervision of the Airside Operations
department, including training, planning, organizing, staffing, and
directing Airside operations staff; manages through subordinate staff the
Airport Communications department and Airport Operations Center; reviews and
coordinates staff policies and procedures.
.       Responds to employee complaints and grievances; evaluates the
performance of subordinate superintendents and supervisors and discusses
results with employees; reviews evaluations of department staff for
consistency and conformance to Port policies.
.       Oversees the inspection of runways, taxiways, and related aircraft
ground operational areas for proper maintenance and safety conditions;
evaluates wildlife/bird strike hazards; opens and closes runways and
taxiways; ensures that the facility continually operates under certification
requirements and applicable federal, state, and local regulations.
.       Oversees the gate assignment program and the enforcement of aircraft
parking; ensures that it is monitored and in conformance with all applicable
regulations and ordinances; initiates corrective action.
.       Maintains liaison with the Federal Aviation Administration, air
traffic control tower and certification inspectors, airlines, airport
tenants and others.
.       Manages the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) program through
the City of Oakland Fire Department.
.       Prepares and recommends annual and long-term plans, programs, and
budgets to the Assistant Director of Aviation and exercises control over the
planning, formulation and maintenance of expenditure control for the Airside
Operations department budget.
.       Performs related duties as assigned.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS FOR APPLICATION:  This examination is open to persons
who have a combination of education and experience that would reflect
possession of the required knowledge, skills and abilities. A typical
combination would include the following:

Education: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a
bachelor's degree in aviation, safety engineering or a related field
Experience: Five years of responsible administrative or supervisory
experience, including at least two years at a medium or large hub airport in
airport or airline management and/or operations.

Licenses: Incumbents in this job may be expected to operate automotive
vehicles in the performance of assigned duties. Due to assignments and hours
worked, public transportation may not be an efficient method for traveling
to required locations. Individuals appointed are required to maintain a
valid California Driver's License while employed and demonstrate the ability
to travel to required locations in a timely manner.
Additional Requirements: This classification requires each incumbent to
successfully complete a Transportation Security Administration (TSA)
background check, which will include a fingerprint-based Criminal History
Records Check (CHRC) and a Security Threat Assessment (STA), prior to being
considered for this position. In addition, the incumbent in this position
will be required to complete and pass a U.S. Customs Airport Security
Program Check (19CFR122.182). This status must be maintained for the
duration of employment at the Airport. 
In addition, candidates must be available to respond in the event of an
emergency and must be willing to work irregular hours on an on call basis.
QUALIFICATIONS:  Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs): Knowledge
of Airport conditions necessary to conduct airfield safety inspections and
to identify and report status; Aviation and airport industry standards,
policies, practices, and rules; Federal Aviation Administration regulations,
advisory circulars and certification manuals such as FAR Part 139 and CFR
1542; principles and practices of management and supervision; and budget
development and administration.
Ability to provide strong leadership and team building skills; show strong
interpersonal and communication skills; be decisive and have an ability to
develop and execute plans that are operationally sound; plan, assign and
monitor work, conduct formal performance evaluations and administer needed
discipline; organize and direct the work of multiple staff in a complex
operating environment; collaborate with other Airport departments on common
goals; manage and motivate employees from diverse professional backgrounds,
educational levels, specialization and affiliation; interact with agencies
such as the Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Bureau of
Investigation, Oakland Police Department, Oakland Fire Department, Alameda
County Sheriff's Department, etc; manage multi-agency, multifunctional
teams, manage complex projects; make effective decisions regarding Airside
Operations during intense or emergency related situations; develop a variety
of aviation-related policies, procedures and to establish protocols for
same; exercise tact, self-restraint, judgment, and strategy in dealing with
a variety of people, including appointed and elected public officials and
other Port management; identify, research and resolve a wide range of work
related problems such as employee second level grievances and tenant and
public complaints; speak before large and small groups within the Port and
in the community, to instruct subordinates in the performance of their
duties, and to use a two-way radio effectively; write grammatically correct
reports, memoranda, directives, and letters to inform tenants, staff and
others of airside policies and procedures; understand and implement
appropriate Federal Aviation Administration regulations and advisor
circulars as they apply to FAR Part 139 and 107.CFR 1542; and organize time,
personnel and equipment to achieve objectives such as safety and security
Stage I: Application and Supplemental Questionnaire Evaluation (Pass/Fail) -
The first stage in the selection process will consist of an application and
supplemental questionnaire appraisal review (pass/fail). Applications
submitted without a completed supplemental questionnaire will be deemed
incomplete and not given further consideration. Meeting the minimum
qualifications does not guarantee advancement to the next stage of the
selection process. Only the most suitably qualified candidates will be
invited to Stage II.
Stage II: Assessment Examination (Weighted 100%) - The second stage of the
selection process may consist of a combination of job-related situational
project exercises and an oral panel interview designed to assess technical
knowledge and any additional other KSAs. Job-related situational project
exercises may consist of written exercises, performance exercises or other
situational exercises that would assess the KSAs. The Assessment Examination
is designed to test your overall aptitude for the position.
Candidates must achieve a scale score of 70 or more on this examination to
be placed on the eligible list for employment consideration. The Port of
Oakland reserves the right to modify the selection process as necessary to
conform to administrative or business necessity.
ADVISORIES:  Immigration and Reform Control Act: In compliance with the
Immigration and Reform Act of 1986, the Port of Oakland will only hire
individuals who are legally authorized to work in the United States. Social
Security card must be presented, and the name on it must match the name on
the application.
Americans with Disabilities (ADA): In compliance with State and Federal
Laws, the Port of Oakland will employ and promote qualified individuals
without regard to disability. The Port is committed to making reasonable
accommodations in the examination process and in the work environment.
Individuals requesting reasonable accommodations in the examination process
should so indicate in questions 4 and 5 at the bottom of the Voluntary
Questionnaire on the application form or notify us within five days after
the final filing date for the examination 10/23/12. Otherwise, it may not be
possible to arrange accommodations for the examination process. For further
information regarding ADA test accommodations, please call (510) 627-1516 or
TDD/TTY 711. For further information concerning ADA in general, please call
(510) 627-1417, TDD/TTY 711.
complete job announcement, supplemental questionnaire, and employment
application via the Internet at http://www.portofoakland.com by clicking on
"Job Center." Alternatively, you may call our Job Hotline at (510) 627-1142.
Faxed, emailed or postmarked job applications will not be accepted or given
further consideration.
DATE OF EXAMINATION: To be announced
Kimberley Linderme, (510) 627-1514
Closes:  October 23, 2012
PLEASE NOTE: The provisions of this announcement do not constitute a
contract, expressed or implied, and any provisions contained in this
announcement may be modified or revoked without notice.

The Port of Oakland is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity/ADA Employer

Final Filing Date: October 23, 2012
Name: ____________________________
Social Security No. ____________________________
The purpose of this supplemental questionnaire is to assess your
qualifications, training, and experience in specific job related areas. Your
answers to these questions, along with your completed application, will be
used to select the most suitably qualified candidates. Applications
submitted without completed Supplemental Questionnaires will not be given
further consideration.
Respond to each question fully, describing your specific experience and
accomplishments, but limit them to one 8-1/2" x 11" sheet of paper (single
or double spaced per question.) Responses must be legible. Typewritten
responses are preferred. Although this supplemental questionnaire will be
reviewed in tandem with your other application documents, please specify the
organization or jurisdiction for which you worked and the name and address
of a supervisor who can verify the information that you submitted. 

1.      Describe how your education and work experience has prepared you to
effectively perform the duties of the Airport Operations Manager, Airside.
Describe your ability to lead the Airside Operations Department for Oakland
International Airport, a medium hub commercial service airport.
2.      Describe your role in developing or updating procedures in the
Airport Certification Manual in a manner that improved compliance or safety.
3.      Provide the best example of your leadership of a major and complex
program or project involving airport operations, emergency planning, or
noise abatement. Describe the work with stakeholders, planning and analysis,
implementation and the written and verbal communications associated with the
Certification of Applicant
I, the undersigned, understand that all information provided herein is
subject to verification and is true to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Contact Name:  Kimberley Linderme 
Phone:  (510) 627-1514


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