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"Opportunity in West Africa"

Dear Colleagues,


I've been approached by an aviation headhunter requesting my assistance in referring qualified candidates for the following described position:


PAE is currently seeking a DPM who will be responsible for providing oversight and advising the day to day operations of RIA (Roberts International Airport), located about 40 miles west of the capital city Monrovia and Liberia's only Airport capable of handling intercontinental flights. I came across your attached resume as I was souring resumes from our applicant database. I was hoping that you would be willing to refer me to aviation professionals you are in contact with who may be interested:


We are seeking candidates with the following qualifications:

  Bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Aviation Management, Business, or a closely related field with aviation experience.

  A minimum of five years of airport operations experience at a senior manager’s level and thorough knowledge of ICAO Annex 9, 14, 17 and other related aviation rules and regulations is also required.

  Proven decisiveness in emergencies is essential.

  Excellent customer service and leadership skills, ability to prioritize and analyze complex problems, and be highly skilled in influencing others.

  Proficiency in computers, including Access database management, Excel spreadsheet, MS Word processing, and MS PowerPoint presentation skills.

  Applicants must demonstrate adequate technical knowledge prior to being considered for this position.

  Must possess a positive attitude, be customer service focused, and be able to work well with others in a team environment.

  Ability to acquire a valid Liberia driver’s license.


All of qualifications must be verifiable.

If you know anyone who meets our requirements, please direct them to our company website to submit their on-line application:



Please also request that they contact me, Ms. Sharon Wuerl, at SWuerl@xxxxxxxxxxxx to provide a copy of their updated resume documenting their qualifications and Educational/Training certificates to verify their credentials by return email.


Please forward the following questions. Responses can be sent to me via return email:

  How many years of aviation experience do you have?

  How many years of airport operations experience at a senior manager’s level do you have?

  Do you have prior experience operating in hardship conditions and a strong background in overseas program operations?

  Do you have an interest in working in Liberia?

  Is there anything that would prevent you from obtaining a driver’s license in Liberia?

  Are you willing to commit to a 12 month contract in Liberia?

  What is your desired annual salary range for this DPM position?

  How soon can you be available to deploy, if selected for hire?

  Have you recently received an offer for another PAE contract?


Happy Holidays,

Steve Irwin

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