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"Technical Operations Specialist, TERPS, Air Traffic Control, Airport Management - Arlington, VA"

Technical Operations Specialist, TERPS, Air Traffic Control, Airport Management
Company: Advanced Management Technology Location: Arlington, VA 22209
Status: Full Time, Employee Job Category: Aerospace/Aviation/Defense
Relevant Work Experience: 10+ to 15 Years Career Level: Manager (Manager/Supervisor of Staff)
Education Level: Master's Degree
Serve as AMTI central point of contact within NFDC and ATO-R. Responsible for collection, validation, and dissemination of data associated with GPS and WAAS.

- Conduct final technical analysis and validation of GPS and WAAS instrument approach procedures as well as the terminal arrival procedures, departures, and airspace associated with GPS and WAAS.
- Collect, validate, and disseminate the procedural and functional description of the airspace environment, to include fixes/waypoints associated with original RNAV instrument approach procedures and airport surveys associated with RNAV instrument approaches.
- Review and facilitate the distribution of appropriate information via the National Flight Data Digest (NFDD), which is generated from the National Airspace System Resources (NASR) Database.
- All tasks must be accomplished in accordance with publication cut-off cycles established and agreed upon by AVN-100, AFS-420, and ATO-R.
- Coordinate and track all Airport Layout Plans (ALPs), surveys, and final rule dockets. Ensure the proper dissemination of the survey and ALP data to the appropriate personnel within the NFDC and the National Aeronautical Charting Office.

The individual must also have demonstrated experience and comprehensive knowledge of Air Traffic Control, Airport Management, and/or Terminal Instrument Procedures (TERPS).

Skills: Excellent verbal and writing skills, experience with Microsoft software tools such as; Word, Excel, Power Point and Access. A minimum of ten years experience performing the tasks described above. Proven experience working within a multi-disciplined team.

Minimum 10 years experience with Airport Operations, ATC or similar Aviation discipline

Education: Master’s degree in Aviation, Business, Operations Research, or related discipline.

Contact Information
Company: Advanced Management Technology
Email: recruiter@xxxxxxxx
Reference Code: ER0362

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