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"Engineering/Construction Management Opportunities in Iraq"


Our office in D.C. called me this morning and now I am seeking two engineer type individuals, engineers or construction managers, to replace two of our employees in Balad, Iraq to work on an air base there.  We have two employees who have been there a long time and are transferring to Dubai.  Timing is "as soon as possible" because they want the replacements to get a hand-off from the current employees.  The pay and other items are set by KBR policy and the selected individuals will need to speak with someone besides me. I will get them a contact person.  Take care.



Frank M. Gilley, A.A.E.

Airport Services Director


4775 Will Clayton Parkway

Houston, TX 77032

281-233-1167 (office)

713-398-7467 (cell)

281-233-1175 (FAX) 

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