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Aviation Planner Position at SFO

I am looking for an entry-level aviation or transportation planner to join my 
unit at San Francisco International Airport. I am seeking someone with a strong 
interest in aviation, transportation, environmental     
planning, land use planning, economics and/or public policy. The position 
announcement (see below) and application instructions can be found at 

Danielle Rinsler, AICP
Planning Director
San Francisco International Airport

5278 Planner II 

Filing Deadline         :               OPEN UNTIL FILLED

Appointment Type:  Provisional or Permanent Transfer

Date Issued:  June 30, 2006

Salary: $2,247-$2,732 Biweekly; $58,422-$71,032 Annual  (As of Announcement 

Appointment Type:  Provisional.  Provisional incumbents will be required to 
succeed in a Civil Service Examination process for this class in order to be 
considered for a permanent appointment.

Location:  San Francisco International Airport – Airport Planning Division

Working Hours:  Full-time, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5 p.m.  

Position Description: 

Under general supervision, the Planner II is responsible for conducting 
investigations and performing analyses to prepare reports and recommendations 
pertaining to difficult airport, land use and environmental planning issues and 
problems.  The essential functions of this job include:  conducting site and 
field inspections and conducting surveys and interviews to obtain data; 
preparing computer based and hard copy graphic materials; conducting research 
studies and formulating recommendations to assist in airport planning studies, 
policies, plans for future airport developments and determining the 
environmental impacts of proposed projects.  The Planner II will assist in 
analyzing Airport operational trends and associated impacts to existing or 
planned airport facilities, develop airport airside and terminal infrastructure 
requirements against forecasted demand, records and reporting systems, air 
traffic forecasts, fleet mix and uses, peak period and busy hour calculations, 
capacity requirements for passengers, aircraft and baggage.
  Incumbents in this job code may be required to attend evening meetings 
occasionally held in community locations.  Some positions may require 
possession of a valid driver license, and may require specialized experience in 
order to perform department-specific planning duties.

Minimum Qualifications:
1.      Possession of a Master’s degree in City, Regional or Urban Planning, or 
a closely related field such as Architecture, Landscape Architecture, 
Geography; Urban Studies, or Environmental Studies; OR
2.      Possession of a Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or 
university in City, Regional, or Urban Planning, or a closely related field 
such as Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Geography, Urban Studies, Public 
Administration, Physical Sciences; Historic Preservation, or Environmental 
Studies and one (1) year of city, regional or urban planning, transportation, 
urban design, historic preservation, architectural, environmental review or 
related experience; OR
3.      Possession of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or 
university and two (2) years of city, regional or urban planning, 
transportation, urban design, historic preservation, architectural, 
environmental review or related experience.

Desirable Qualifications:
•       Airport planning and/or operational experience.
•       Knowledge of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airport Planning & 
Design regulations and guidelines.

•       Knowledge of FAA Orders 1050.01E and 5050.4A, State and Federal 
Endangered Species Regulations, California Environmental Quality Act, National 
Environmental Policy Act, Clean Water Act, and Rivers and Harbors Act.

Supplemental Application:    The purpose of the Supplemental Application is to 
obtain specific information regarding your experience that relate to the 
essential functions of the classification.  Each applicant is required to 
prepare a Supplemental Application.  The Supplemental Application will be used 
to evaluate training and experience of applicants to determine possession of 
minimum qualifications.  Failure to submit the Supplemental Application will 
delay application processing.

Application Procedure:  Interested applicants must submit a City and County of 
San Francisco Employment Application, a Supplemental Application, verification 
of educational and qualifying experience (see Verification of Qualifications 
below), a judicial history supplemental, and a photocopy of valid driver’s 
Resumes may not substitute for a City & County of San Francisco Employment 
Application form.

Applications may be obtained by contacting the Airport Commission Human 
Resources Office at (650) 821-2000, in person at the Delta Building, 3rd Floor, 
710 N. McDonnell Road, San Francisco, or visiting the City and County of San 
Francisco Department of Human Resources at 44 Gough Street in San Francisco.  
Applications are also available at the City & County of San Francisco website: 


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