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"Flight Inspection Personnel - Iraq"

We are bidding to provide ICAO certified flight inspection personnel to perform a Federal Aviation Administration requirements commissioning flight inspection of the below listed systems at Baghdad International Airport. The flight inspection has to establish the validity of signals-in-space and meet CAT II standards. We have to provide a highly qualified\certified flight inspection team(amongst other things) to perform a flight inspection on the following systems:
a) Raytheon Autotrac Automation System (in association with the DASR)
b) DASR -ASR - II Radar System
c) 33R Instrument Landing System (Localiser, Glide Slope and associate DME)
d) 15L Instrument Landing System (Localiser, Glide Slope and associate DME)
e) 33R Precision Approach Path Indicator and Approach Lighting System
f) 15L Precision Approach Path Indicator and Approach Lighting System
h) Appropriate ground support for ILS inspection
What we will have to supply if we find these personnel is:
a) proof that the flight inspection team are experts in their field and have sound knowledge and experience in flight inspections
b) proof of ICAO and country certifications from the State Authority
Dave Mace
Recruitment Consultant

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